Overstrand Evening WI


So there we were in January

All seated in the hall

Hearing of a local charity

That’s grown from start quite small


It resonates with us because

It helps a lot of seals –

But we were warned to keep well clear

As though their eyes appeal,


Their teeth can give a nasty bite –

Just phone the number stated,

Then seals get help, and you won’t yelp –

Their cuteness over-rated.


In February, we were whisked far off

To South Africa today.

Although we learned of some good things,

Speaker, Zandra Mackay


Had to admit to contrasts stark –

As wealth is not well spread.

Most townships dangerous after dark

Thus many live with dread!


Too many views still coloured

By the pigment of one’s skin –

So sad in these ‘enlightened’ times.

Just how does one begin


To tackle ingrained prejudice?

It’s definitely sad.

No good will every come of it.

Discrimination’s bad.






The title of our talk in March

Was somewhat enigmatic.

‘I had it in me’, it was called,

And was at times, dramatic.


Leoni had her tale to tell

Which made us all take stock.

Her brother was Joe Orton

Which was to me, a shock,


As his was quite a famous name:

I’d listened to his plays…..

Life can be most surprising,

Sometimes in nasty ways.


Next, April brought us Eddie,

Fresh in from Templewood,

So with the name Anderson,

We knew that he’d be good.


He brought the wrong talk with him,

So we got ‘The Mighty Mun’,

A tiny local river, which anyway was fun.

He was so entertaining –


We didn’t mind the change,

And heard so many local facts

To supplement the range

Of our own local geography.


He’ll come another time

To give the talk on Templewood –

His family home – sublime!

With May, came Resolutions.

We nibbled and drank wine

Which got us in a malleable mood

For an auction, which was fine.


We brought in items of all kinds

And left with different ones.

A merry time was had by all –

Raised £60 for funds.


Caz was our jolly auctioneer.

My word – she was persuasive,

So sat before her watchful gaze,

We couldn’t be evasive.


Next up, comes June, and none too soon,

Traditional fare ensued,

As we tucked into strawberries

Most liberally imbued


With lovely, artery-clogging cream –

An early summer treat,

Except for Vivienne of course,

As neither could she eat.


Mid-month, some went to Sandringham.

We didn’t see the Queen,

Though did see round the house and church,

All places where she’d been.


Part 1 - Our Overstrand Evening W.I. Year 2018

© Copyright Overstrand Evening WI 2018