Overstrand Evening WI


Walk & Strawberries


By tradition, this meeting has become an informal, pre-summer celebration. Weather permitting, those who are willing and able to enjoy a walk, do so whilst other members are more sedentary, play board games and /or prepare the strawberries.


Although this delight is enjoyed in Overstrand, and not Wimbledon, the members are not charged exhorbitant prices. In fact, they pay nothing at all !


Once the two halves of our W.I. family were reunited, our president conducted the business part of the meeting briefly, allowing members to concentrate their attentions on the serious enjoyment of strawberries, cream and home made shortbread.


July Meeting 


The meeting ended with a reminder that our next meeting will be on July 17th. Our speaker that month will be Lynn Hatch, who is a British Legion Community Fundraiser, and the competition letter will be N. This will no doubt result in an interesting array of objects which all start with that letter.



New faces and visitors, are warmly welcomed to our meetings which are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Hall.


June 2019 Meeting Report

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