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We were privileged to have a speaker with a long and accurate knowledge of a distinguished and much loved institution on our door step.  Richard Leeds gave us a fact filled talk on the long history of the R.N.L.I with particular reference to Cromer.


The origins of the Cromer Lifeboat are rooted in a gas lit meeting in The Red Lion Pub - electricity only arrived in 1923. Cromer’s first lifeboats were wooden craft, launched from the shore, through boiling surf by manpower alone, propelled only by oars.


Over time, improvements came about, and in 1923, the end of the pier boathouse was completed, and together with the slipway sloping into the water, made launching faster and easier, but recovery, difficult.


Though there are numerous lifeboat stations around our coast, Cromer remains one of the most high profile.

Funded entirely by donations, it is something very special, particularly to us locally.


The offer of government money was politely declined, suspecting that it would come with unwanted tentacles.

The first lifeboat, propelled by 10 oarsmen cost £160.  The latest model, with astonishing technology, is rather more expensive. No price though, can be put on the courage of those who travel in her, risking their lives to save those in peril on the sea.


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February 2019 Meeting Report

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