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Our January meeting turned out to be something of an eye opener.  Our guest speakers, Stephanie Davis and Alison Cramp, from Seal & Shore Watch talked not only about their work along the North Norfolk stretch of coast, rescuing feisty seals and sea birds but they also explained the dangers plastics posed to marine life.  One example of plastic car parts found inside a whale was probably the most distressing.  At our February meeting Patsy suggested we should do a beach clean which was arranged for April.  Alas the weather was against us and with rain and gusty winds we decided on safety grounds to postpone until June, when we hoped the weather would be kinder.  Indeed it was and with blue skies and sunshine, on Saturday 23rd June we convened at the top of the zigzag with members of Seal & Shore Watch and villagers for a group photo before a group of twenty five headed down to the beach.  While some concentrated on the tide line others picked through the grasses and gathered rubbish from behind the revetments.  Various plastics, palm oil, rope, ribbons, wrappers, bottles etc. were collected and the result was full bags weighing in at thirty five kilos.  Larger items which included sections of twisted metal, barrels and large pieces of moulded plastic where also carried up.  This was a wonderful effort on the part of everyone who gave up their Saturday morning; they should be proud to have cleared Overstrand’s beach of potential marine pollutants.  A special thank you to North Norfolk District Council who lent us pickers, provided bags and arranged for the rubbish to be collected.      

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Beach Clean - 23rd June 2018

Ready for the Beach Clean Bags and Debris