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The Overstrand Evening Women's Institute was founded in 1983.  We currently have twenty members and meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall, The Londs, Overstrand.


Most meetings feature a guest speaker and there is often a demonstration, slide show or entertainment of some kind.  Most months we have a competition with members bringing in items of interest pertaining to a preset letter of the alphabet plus there is a raffle to help our funds.  After the speaker, refreshments are available and members have a chance to chat.  We pride ourselves on offering a warm welcome to members and visitors.


During the year we arrange additional activities.  In 2019 we enjoyed a river cruise in June from Horning on the Southern Comfort, Mississippi Paddle Boat.  In July we baked 100 cakes for Norfolk Day, these were given away and well received by the audience at Rockstock.  In November, members donated various foods which were later taken to our local Food Bank.  We now have a sales table at our meetings, where members can bring unwanted items to sell.  The proceeds from these sales are donated to charity.  Our Christmas Lunch, held in the Amber Restaurant at the Cromer Country Club, proved to be extremely enjoyable, starting with Nancy reading her annual poem, and was rounded off with our traditional Secret Santa.


For information about our 2020 meetings, see the Calendar page.


The W.I. is a vibrant organisation, open to women of all ages.  It has been a driving force in many UK wide campaigns with its slogan "Inspiring Women" ringing true.

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President: Caz Lewis

Secretary: Carol Needham

Treasurer: Mary Mackie

Committee Members:

   Marion Hilson    

   Nancy Joliffe  

   Beryl Kirkham

   Ann Strickfuss